Situated in the heart of Lenox, Haven Cafe & Bakery is an attractive restaurant with consistently delicious menus for breakfast and lunch. There's much that's unique about this place. To get seated, you place your order at the counter up front, then take a seat and a server brings your meal to the table. Breakfast and lunch menus always emphasize what's fresh, and even the egg dishes are served with a side of beautifully dressed mixed greens.

Shelly Williams, owner and executive chef, has created an ideal place for people to meet in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Popular breakfast choices include omelets in the French tradition, breakfast burritos, buttermilk pancakes with local syrup, and oatmeal with roasted pear and granola.

Breads and pastries are baked in Haven's kitchen, and there's so much choice, it makes decisions hard when you're looking at the pastry counter! Shelly's passion for baking is evident throughout the menu, with eggs served on dill Romano buttermilk biscuits or croissant French toast.

It's especially nice having a cappucino with a scone or brioche for breakfast. This is a place where locals meet for a mid-day break over coffee or tea, and there's a good selection of herbal teas.

 The eggs are local and are served with roasted potatoes and salad. Scrambled eggs are featured in the breakfast burrito, the biscuit sandwich and the salmon scramble. The Ham & Cheddar Strata is served as a casserole with French bread, egg, cheddar cheese and ham.

Everything about Haven shows the tremendous care that Shelly has invested in her restaurant. In addition to quality local food, the staff here is fun and skilled at managing a very busy place. As you're waiting in line to place you order, you'll notice local products for sale, such as large coffee cups from Grenadier Pottery, olive oil from Bizalion, and lots of hand-made goods.